Privacy policy:

Tubber LLC 

Tubber LLC only collects personal information neccesary to run the functions of the game, 
such as matchmaking and leaderboard postings. We specifically collect a username which we
use to maintain information about the user such as score postings to a publicly displayed 
leaderboard and if you provide it an email address which is used for progress recovery. 
We do not sell any user information to any third parties. We do not give your data out unless 
legally required to do so. We only use the information supplied to operate the functions of our games. 
Some of our games do not require any personal information about the user and in those cases we do 
not collect any. If you are under the legal age or are not able to accept this agreement 
then only a legal guardian may accept this policy on your behalf. By agreeing to this policy
you are giving us consent to maintain a record under your selected name to run the functions 
of our games which may include any content that you the user post or create. When we ask for your 
email address we only store it to provide a way for you to recover your progress, except for the 
case where you contact us for any reason and in those cases we will use it to respond with 
relevant details about your questions or concerns.

If you would like your information to be deleted from our servers or would like 
to review or refuse its further use, then please make an inquiry to Tubber LLC at or by calling 262-416-2137.
If we make any changes to this policy you will be notified the next time you access our services
after any changes.

User agreement:

By using this software you agree that our games are provided on an as is and as available basis. We make no 
guarantees that the software is free from "bugs" or other defects. The software is used contingent upon the 
agreement that there is no warranty of continued support into the future. You agree not to share your user 
id or to bypass or decompile our games.
The service is offered as is with no gaurantees. 
We may change this agreement in the future. If we do make any changes to this agreement you will 
be notified the next time you access our services after any changes. This agreement does not void any other